Kind and touching actions: people save wild animals in trouble


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      Morgengraben 3

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      Hell no to the bear

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    The befitting mosquito hopefully explode because tennis rarely admire up a worried study. energetic, obscene teacher

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    الحيوان جزء من عالمنا يجب حمايته

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    10:10 the way they all cheer

  5. Kristína Vozárová

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    Sweet rabbit:

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    Must have*

  7. Sarah Tincu

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    These poor animals they probably suffered:(

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    Кто эти 7тыс долбаебы, способных поставить дизлайк?

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    4:14 stupid people!! Very dangerous for two animal.

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      What do you wanted to do? Ask them to gently remove part of their arks? Idiot

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    Благодарю за Любовь животным💞💞💞💞😇😇😇😇😇

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    Одновременно и комок к горлу подкатывает и слёзы радости )))

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    Przepiękny widok i WSPANIALI ludzie o WIELKIM SERCU !!!!!!!!!! CHWAŁA im ZA TO

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    Hace 14 horas How to train your 4 months old dog, Amzing video, click here to watch, enjoy :)

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    Una rosa blu Zarrillo

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    3:07 very epicccc

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    We save whales and the Japanese hunt them.

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    "Brazilians don't care about environment" 9:22

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      @gr3g where you from?

    • gr3g


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      Bro, agent may even be Brazilian but agent Still Cares about The Environment You Suckers 😠

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    Viva la vida CARAJO.....

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    Wolf (animal) traps should be illegal. It’s cruel.

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  24. Anthony Fennell

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    Watching the wolf pull like that was awful, he was completely ready to rip his own paw off to get away

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    Marion CAMBRESY

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    Merci au gens qui les ont sauver

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    Me alegra ver animales ayudando a animales. Nos diferencia bien poco. Una alegría ver estos vídeos.

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    Кто дизлайки ставит?. Вы вообще, люди?

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    the chainsaw save gave me anxiety

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    規模でけぇ、、、( ˘ω˘)

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    2:04 Была бы голодна убила бы лося)))

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    털 두꺼운 곰이 저체온증에 ㄷㄷ 떨정도면 ㄷㄷ

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    저 창같은 전기톱 갖고싶다

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    상어: 육지갔다가 숨멎을뻔한 썰푼다

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    Ich liebe euch Jola aus Thailand mit arme Hunde 💖🌴🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🌴🐕🌴🐕🐕🐕💖💖💖🥂🍾🌞

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    That little elephant gave out that rebel yell and he was out!

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    Ángels on earth

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    good watch my you tube

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    кто дал право пилить рога оленя,одному отпилил,второму оставил,теперь он лох и ему никто не даст,либо убьет другой олень

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    Jay J

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    God bless those people who show some compassion and humanity.

  42. Krisztina


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    May God bless everyone who saves such creatures! I know it's a bit childish and not a scientific approach but I feel the whale waves goodbye and says thanks at the end of the procedure... I just want to hope and believe that because I'm already tired of stories with sad ending. I would like all these innocent creatures to live, I want them to be flourishing. Let's celebrate LIFE on Earth (while we can...)!

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    8:22 xD so cute I'm dying

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    Дай Бог всего,кто не на словах помогал!!!!

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    Whats type of biome are the horse? (Second video)

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    Great job , Wonder

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    Оператор би лайк

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    и не один лайк, а море лайков! заслужил подборкин!

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    это не только трогательно это просто до слез. Тот с бензопилой который освободил оленей какой же молодец и олень это поняли тоже. Все герои молодцы ! благодарю за ролик Ангелы среди нас нужно так назвать этот ролик и этих людей. 8:08 с медвежонком как медвежонок не верюще смотрел что его приняли на лодку словно сомневался . Как медвежонок оказался в воде?

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    This is why God gave us intelligence

  54. MABUS911


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    All of these people make humanity better than it was before!

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  56. Tay


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    thats what allah told us to do

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    Wow, the things we can do. .. Awesome coverage. ..

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    Fucking prancy ass baby horse. Bouncing around all happy while his mother suffers. Typical.

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    سبحان الله العظيم

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    Теперь один из них стал Элиот)))

  62. Iseeyou Iforseeyou

    Iseeyou Iforseeyou

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    I would give anything to know what animals think after we saved them, it would melt my heart

  63. Zoa


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    helping a shark is not on my list of things. 🤣🤣🤣

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  65. Arjav Jhamb

    Arjav Jhamb

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    *man pushes shark into the water* later on news - 12 year old girl killed by shark

  66. Jass Wayne

    Jass Wayne

    Hace 2 días

    Es hermoso saber que aún hay gente buena que se preocupa por estos seres tan hermosos

  67. Sahil Thakur

    Sahil Thakur

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    Normal people : catching fish with fish net Russians : catching BEARS with fishing net

  68. Jrboysun


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    .35 that Bird it’s a Karen

  69. Arnold Teriitaumihau

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  70. Jörgen Strandberg

    Jörgen Strandberg

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    Poor deers trying to protect eachother from that mean chainsawman!!

  71. Mr Tibbs

    Mr Tibbs

    Hace 3 días

    sometimes just like in life we all need a helping hand.

  72. Sagar Akshayan

    Sagar Akshayan

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    3:58 ..Yeah done... We saved the fish.. lets celebrate with Soju and Sushi

  73. Ingrid Arnold

    Ingrid Arnold

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  74. Italo Nunes

    Italo Nunes

    Hace 3 días

    Eu não sabia que vocês não sabia que vocês iam atropelando um gato e eu não sabia nossa vocês são tão incríveis que eu nunca mais vou parar de gostar de vocês eu sempre

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    Hace 3 días

    i cant understand, why people are giving a thumbs down to this video

  76. byee mom srslyu

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    The vague octagon immunohistochemically glue because divorced considerably shop behind a tan cherries. youthful, murky hexagon

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    Oduševljena sam ostajem bez reči to si velika i humana dela svaka čast!

  78. Sean Brooks

    Sean Brooks

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    The hardest one I like was the whale being saved I would have been too pumped up if I had a hand in saving that whale

  79. Riccardo Venditti

    Riccardo Venditti

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    Queste sono persone e se vogliamo se l uomo vuole può fare molto bene per il mondo e la natura che ci circonda volere è potere. Soltanto che per i più potenti e per quelli che decidono le sorti del nostro pianeta l odore dei soldi piace più di quello dei fiori della natura e il rumore dei soldi piace più del canto degli uccelli o il ruggito di un leone.

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    Sok sikert kívánok és kitartást az áldozatos munkatokert. Köszönöm hogy megnézhették ezt videót.... Rózsika mama!¡!

  81. Łukasz


    Hace 3 días

    Hundreds of people saved animals so that later one rich man could kill them for fun

  82. Gisella Salvato

    Gisella Salvato

    Hace 3 días

    Sono stati bravi a salvare gli animali

  83. সবজান্তা


    Hace 3 días

  84. Геральт из Ривии

    Геральт из Ривии

    Hace 3 días

    Хорошо что есть такие люди! Дай Бог им здоровья!

  85. Sputnik I

    Sputnik I

    Hace 3 días

    El primer pájaro es un Queltehue, habita en mi zona (Patagonia chilena), cuando son molestados, del ala sacan una garra retractil de color rojo muy afilada, y suelen grasnar para pedir ayuda a sus pares

  86. Natali


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  87. Lets Mail

    Lets Mail

    Hace 3 días

    People are helping animals on otherside look at cruelty with animals video.

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    Это очень душераздирающе

  89. DANI Studio

    DANI Studio

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    Ez nagyon szív szorító

  90. Jim Dragston Welson

    Jim Dragston Welson

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    Самое эпичное спасение было это в конце когда толпа кита вытаскивали да ещё и корабль буксировал потом

  91. Miro Vinac

    Miro Vinac

    Hace 3 días

    Saving a shark??? People are stupid. That predator has to be removed immediately.

  92. ethan turner

    ethan turner

    Hace 3 días

    4:21 deer did a ddt

  93. 昭 飯田

    昭 飯田

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    私は、毎朝、5:00に約 2時間のウオーキングをしています、その2時間の中で、いろいろな、動植物と出会いますが、亀、片目をカラスに、襲われた子亀、つれかえり、家で飼うも、4日後に、死亡し畑に埋、野兎、も猫に襲われ、傷ついたのを、家で、3か月かけ、元に戻り、放すも、すっかり、人間に、なつき、近所でも、みんなに、可愛いがられ、名前も、ウーちゃんと付けましたが、兎を飼いたいとので、言う人が来て、今は、幸せに暮らしています。

  94. Justin Slidell

    Justin Slidell

    Hace 4 días

    That shark would thank oh by hitting your leg off the next day

  95. karinehoareau06


    Hace 4 días

    Que ça fait du bien de voir que parfois l'homme peut être bon 🙏🏼💗

  96. Shadow el erizo chiquito

    Shadow el erizo chiquito

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    Go pico yeah yeah go pico oh B-)

  97. Motivation Fortress

    Motivation Fortress

    Hace 4 días

    I love how the bird was terrified the whole time and when it all passed nipped the last part like yea you better run away

  98. Matt Stephens

    Matt Stephens

    Hace 4 días

    Shark was like, "Wow! And to think I was gonna eat you guys!"

  99. Deficool


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  100. Brian Koops

    Brian Koops

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    Thank Karen's here! Lol