FIFA 22 | Official Gameplay Reveal | EA Play Spotlight

Get your first look at gameplay in the FIFA 22 EA Play Spotlight as the EA SPORTS FIFA development team go in-depth on new next-gen features, powered by HyperMotion technology on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. Learn more about HyperMotion:

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FIFA 22 releases October 1, 2021. Pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before August 11 and get an untradeable FUT Heroes player from December 1!

--------- Content Featured in the Spotlight ---------
0:00 - Intro
3:52 - HyperMotion Technology
8:20 - Full Team Authentic Motion
10:30 - Tactical A.I.
13:18 - Kinectic Air Battles
14:23 - Composed Ball Control
17:25 - Player Humanization
20:57 - Goalkeeper Rewrite
22:56 - True Ball Physics
24:18 - Explosive Sprint
25:34 - Powered by Feedback

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  1. staticbb


    Hace 27 minutos

    The technology they described is legit and state of the art (relative to the industry). It's a good step forward but in the gameplay they show it looks brutally the same.

  2. DeBuDDi


    Hace un hora

    wow, some new animation

  3. Matthew Voyle

    Matthew Voyle

    Hace un hora

    Can we have a video explaining all the changes you have made with pro clubs? Possibly the best game mode on the game and never gets any love. The defending by the ai is shocking, and there’s 1 OP meta build and if your not using that then your player is redundant. So much could be improved but yet nothing mentioned on it at all

  4. Rahma Osman

    Rahma Osman

    Hace 2 horas

    fifa 22 we need arabic commentary please

  5. Trumpet Music

    Trumpet Music

    Hace 3 horas

    So will the Hypermotion get rid of the terrible skating that Fifa always had? Also, is the ball now going to travel faster than the players?

  6. robien hult

    robien hult

    Hace 4 horas

    Gonna be giod first week, then comes the first update, everything will feel delayed, cant turn, cant defend, and so on, this is just bullshitvideo FIFA 22 edition, will be pay to win and they will only care about people wasting their money on their gambling

  7. Koziołek


    Hace 4 horas

    Gambling simulator 2022

    • gioyu comi

      gioyu comi

      Hace 3 horas

      Make a proper fee for 22 In playstation 5 should be good graphic or no lalso ship graphic

  8. Koziołek


    Hace 4 horas

    Ea again have fans as a dumb persons.

  9. Uriah Pasley

    Uriah Pasley

    Hace 4 horas

    Attacking tactics you can set your tactics to attacking... tactactac tic🤯🤯😵😵😵

  10. Abdullah Abdul Rahman

    Abdullah Abdul Rahman

    Hace 5 horas

    They are just like iPhones

  11. Felipe Araujo

    Felipe Araujo

    Hace 6 horas

    Espero que os HANDCAPS do utimate tenha melhorado.

  12. Marlon Aguilar

    Marlon Aguilar

    Hace 6 horas

    Es mejor ganar 1 a 0 q 10 a 0 q me cueste ganar no meter goles fáciles estamos jugando fulbol no muñecas entiendan q marquen como hombres

  13. Pouyah Sholeh

    Pouyah Sholeh

    Hace 6 horas

    Its a game let us smash goals from long distance give us big scoring games with smooth gameplay.

  14. Marlon Aguilar

    Marlon Aguilar

    Hace 7 horas

    Q el juego sea de verdad meter goles fáciles aburre así como el fifa 19 era el mejor la defensa marcaba bien los delanteros no se iban tan rápido

  15. Marlon Aguilar

    Marlon Aguilar

    Hace 7 horas

    Q los jugadores no de desorienten q marquen como hombres de verdad nadie quiere regates ni lujos

  16. Marlon Aguilar

    Marlon Aguilar

    Hace 7 horas

    Póngale precion a los jugadores que marquen de verdad

  17. gimlikos84 Kos

    gimlikos84 Kos

    Hace 7 horas

    Im here after Konami gave up to EA. From now on its only Fifa game.

  18. RECKZ 1

    RECKZ 1

    Hace 8 horas

    Make career longer till like 2040 Like so EA can see

  19. Kangaroo9197


    Hace 8 horas

    This pre-release videos from EA are better than any cabaret. They can describe new alleged features with as many fancy words as they please (while the game looks exactly the same), but one thing is clear: the last 5 years of FIFA releases brought the worst versions in the whole game series. One being worse than the other. FIFA 22 will be a terrible and disgusting football game. Nevertheless, EA will make tons of money once again. This is the reason why they will never need to bother about creating a qualitative and fair FIFA game. Have fun. PS: 14:35 those multi-touch animations are great. No defender on earth would retreat himself back to his own defense while giving the attacker that much time to receive the ball, control it, move around and start pushing forward.

  20. Theo 27

    Theo 27

    Hace 9 horas

    and the servers?

  21. KevinGame3


    Hace 9 horas

    Lies It’s just gonna be a copy and paste entry of last year’s game with the same buggy mess the same microtransactions infested and I’m not paying $70 for a microtransactions infested mess and The reason why I spent $70 for a next gen version of scarlet nexus However this next GEN version is $10 cheaper

  22. Andzelo Goral

    Andzelo Goral

    Hace 9 horas

    And you just want to make a sport from kits to take money

  23. Andzelo Goral

    Andzelo Goral

    Hace 9 horas

    Make a proper fee for 22 In playstation 5 should be good graphic or no lalso ship graphic

  24. Andzelo Goral

    Andzelo Goral

    Hace 9 horas

    AA just one to make money

  25. Andzelo Goral

    Andzelo Goral

    Hace 9 horas

    And always to fifis so ship to play with this game because he a sport make a so schicht

  26. Andzelo Goral

    Andzelo Goral

    Hace 9 horas

    Not in like playstation 5 the station 5 is so schytte because you dont make coffee good to be lax really serious

  27. Andzelo Goral

    Andzelo Goral

    Hace 9 horas

    Fifaa 22 was gonna be grafik like in playstation 4

  28. Sonny


    Hace 10 horas

    It’s nice to see FIFA 17 making a return.

  29. John bello

    John bello

    Hace 10 horas

    F... Of fifa

  30. Emre Çakmak

    Emre Çakmak

    Hace 10 horas

    Pls for android fıfa 22 no fifa mobile uptade

  31. Albion Ismajli

    Albion Ismajli

    Hace 10 horas

    For real FIFA players who have played for ages and actually know the game, seeing this is very sad.

  32. Fahim Afif

    Fahim Afif

    Hace 11 horas

    Still playing fifa 18

  33. kid michikatsu

    kid michikatsu

    Hace 11 horas

    *agggreeed broo*

  34. MegaSwagKid


    Hace 12 horas

    Please make some changes to pro clubs barley anything has changed in years

  35. Şenan Deniz Hava

    Şenan Deniz Hava

    Hace 13 horas

    Ya bilader gene l1 ile adam kacirip ucgen aticaz birebire kalincada bridge ile adam gecicez niye bu teknolojiye bu kadar para harciosunuzki 😂

  36. Brad Mihai

    Brad Mihai

    Hace 14 horas

    sam rivera is the worst thing ever happened to fifa.

  37. SMZ873 AB

    SMZ873 AB

    Hace 14 horas

    I wish you keep the iconoc players

  38. TGW Betteley

    TGW Betteley

    Hace 15 horas

    Bring back martin and alan! We dont want derek or lee

  39. LSSA


    Hace 15 horas


    • KevinGame3


      Hace 9 horas

      I agree

  40. NNJ Grimwald

    NNJ Grimwald

    Hace 15 horas

    can we get some australian football players that are at least 70=85 rated players?

  41. P4y3z


    Hace 17 horas

    The important is customize not animation

  42. Seyitoju Oluwasakin

    Seyitoju Oluwasakin

    Hace 17 horas

    Keepers are gonna be crack Lmaoooo

  43. Luke W-R

    Luke W-R

    Hace 17 horas

    EA WORKERS… we finally meet😡

  44. Beatrice Edwin

    Beatrice Edwin

    Hace 19 horas

    And why won't they come out with mascot and wear jackets

  45. Beatrice Edwin

    Beatrice Edwin

    Hace 20 horas

    Why won't fifa 22 players jackets

  46. Osmosis Jones

    Osmosis Jones

    Hace 21 un hora

    They talk to us like this because we continue to buy the game. I’m seriously listening and all I’m hearing is the same jargon

  47. 3lDb


    Hace 22 horas

    L1 triangle merchant

  48. Julius S.

    Julius S.

    Hace 22 horas

    So much opportunities for a story Mode like the Journey, Career mode is desperate for fixes and you once again talk about the improved gameplay which you neither show nor it has.

  49. 복돌 참

    복돌 참

    Hace 22 horas

    fifa 22= fifa 21 = fifa 20 = fifa 19 = fifa 18

  50. Dylan Oleary

    Dylan Oleary

    Hace 22 horas

    bring back fifa street for the next gen. that game was actually fun.

  51. Gerardo Rivera

    Gerardo Rivera

    Hace 22 horas

    🤢 🤢 🤢 🤮

  52. Red


    Hace 23 horas


  53. Ilias Rahmouni

    Ilias Rahmouni

    Hace un día


  54. Pes 2021

    Pes 2021

    Hace un día

    Is this for ps4 too this hypermotion

  55. Pes 2021

    Pes 2021

    Hace un día

    Look how trent realistic best keep going ea sports

  56. KSA


    Hace un día

    Fakyo EA



    Hace un día

    19:09 the way halland hit the ball with his foot, that doesn't look like uts gonna curve and go in. Correct me if i m wrong.



    Hace un día

    Meanwhile EA already started working on Fifa23

  59. Jurgen Witbeen

    Jurgen Witbeen

    Hace un día

    I love the explosice sprint ,its really good and realistic

  60. fako203


    Hace un día

    xbox series s fifa 22 playing

  61. Aman 1995

    Aman 1995

    Hace un día

    im just happy i saw zlatan in the game

  62. Teo Official

    Teo Official

    Hace un día


  63. If u dont Say

    If u dont Say

    Hace un día

    I still play fifa 19

  64. tiktok comedy videos

    tiktok comedy videos

    Hace un día

    Is juventus going to be in the game

  65. L E

    L E

    Hace un día

    Listen to community? You mean listen to the influencer

  66. luke lester

    luke lester

    Hace un día

    These guys should be no where near a football game

  67. FitzGerald Jr

    FitzGerald Jr

    Hace un día

    Stadia > PC WOW

  68. antony 86

    antony 86

    Hace un día

    State a guardare la fisica nel saltare in alto...poi però permettete di fare 80 metri palla al piede...o tirare a giro in corsa da posizioni impossibili.....lo trovo assurdo

  69. ABCmarketing


    Hace un día


  70. sambo_smesh


    Hace un día

    i’m still playing fifa 15

  71. charlie Bentley

    charlie Bentley

    Hace un día

    I LOVE THIS ❤️❤️❤️

  72. bogdan stef

    bogdan stef

    Hace un día

    This is just “WOW”

  73. Robert Cisneroz

    Robert Cisneroz

    Hace un día

    These guys should all be put on trail in court

  74. David Padilla

    David Padilla

    Hace un día

    When will the new types of ankle bandages be added? Those that are like a sock Like those used by Messi or Neymar

  75. Ayaan’s Corner

    Ayaan’s Corner

    Hace un día

    Lets go!

  76. Anguish Scopes

    Anguish Scopes

    Hace un día

    All this talk and the game is going to feel the same

  77. HashtagF7 #F7

    HashtagF7 #F7

    Hace un día

    Blah blah blah blah, Fifa 22 , blah blah blah, no updates/same game, blah blah blah blah, tactics stuff, blah blah blah, buy it!

  78. Farhan choicio

    Farhan choicio

    Hace un día

    EA can not fool me this year. First month of fifa 22 will be good and then they will patch everything. Proclubs forgotten, career mode nothing new

  79. Messi_10 Pros

    Messi_10 Pros

    Hace un día

    PLEASE create your club in FIFA 22

    • Ayaan’s Corner

      Ayaan’s Corner

      Hace un día


  80. Forgotten ghost

    Forgotten ghost

    Hace un día

    El fifa 22 va a ser muy realista: EA pone a kante más alto que Rüdiger

  81. Luc O'Hanlon

    Luc O'Hanlon

    Hace un día

    “Defenders now defend!” $70 please

    • Know No Name

      Know No Name

      Hace 12 horas


  82. lionel messi

    lionel messi

    Hace un día

    All this will make no difference if I'm playing with 200 ping and my connection is always red just add and improve the severs which will be bring a gameplay balance for everyone it's that simple

  83. Jiaye


    Hace un día

    i want to be a fifa developer, getting money without doing anything

  84. vefge


    Hace un día

    Still on fifa 13 lmao

  85. Mathias Morell

    Mathias Morell

    Hace un día

    Ea make a 30 min video to show they making big difference in the gameplay for 22. People commenting... Doesn't matter Fifa 20 or 22 no difference... I mean you could just have Said you didn't watch the video, but just showed up to comment 😂😂

  86. Dylan Monvoisin

    Dylan Monvoisin

    Hace un día

    J ai peur sur les centres corner.....

  87. Р М 1990

    Р М 1990

    Hace un día

    Your fifa is a game for children !!! Canadians, you don't know how to play football !!! you don't know how to make a football simulator



    Hace un día

    about fifa 17 will receive another update, I hope we have already added new scripts that affect the gameplay

  89. Ejjsdhg Xjdhhdhsh

    Ejjsdhg Xjdhhdhsh

    Hace un día

    Fifa 22 aka fifa 21 aka fifa 20 aka fifa 19 aka fifa 18 aka fifa 17

  90. Adel Breezy

    Adel Breezy

    Hace un día

    Why not adding more national teams like algeria morocco tunisia cameroon ghana nigeria senegal croatia and more licences !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Lonely


    Hace un día

    i like fifa and everything but how are you gonna leave out pc on this technology

  92. Jakov Grgic

    Jakov Grgic

    Hace un día

    I'm just curious, since you haven't mentioned if there will be any new game modes

  93. dark side

    dark side

    Hace un día

    Goran Pandev and Elif Elmas need new face update expecialy Pandev football legend 🇲🇰❤️

  94. Florian Hauenschild

    Florian Hauenschild

    Hace un día

    To be honest,this looks worse than ever before

  95. Clarkes


    Hace un día

    11:01 we got him, boys and girls. "This was completely rewritten this year" that tells you that it was copy and paste all the prior years lmao.. EA is yet to earn a dime from my hard work and it will remain that way.

    • Siddhant Garg

      Siddhant Garg

      Hace un día

      only thing rewritten is 22 instead of 21

  96. Raski David

    Raski David

    Hace un día

    It doesn’t matter what they say it will be the same. The only thing i care is to have great OST again. Fifa 20 and 21 were baaaaad in that front

  97. Tobias Rieper

    Tobias Rieper

    Hace un día

    It's funny because they could have released this video last year for FIFA 21, because there is no difference between the last FIFA's.