Brooklyn Nets vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  2. Buddha Boy

    Buddha Boy

    Hace 24 d铆as

    Possible finals preview

  3. b m

    b m

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    Josh Green is so Great ! Funny Smith is so Great! Always you guys are doing so well and very good energies 鉂

  4. 袙谢邪写懈屑懈褉 袝谐芯褉芯胁

    袙谢邪写懈屑懈褉 袝谐芯褉芯胁

    Hace un mes

    can anybody explain? 9:30 - Kyrie is attacking the rim, why he cant rebound and attack again? Thought it's not the pass to himself.

  5. Neil Brennan

    Neil Brennan

    Hace un mes

    Luka getting back-up, Mavs gonna role!

  6. The Guardian

    The Guardian

    Hace un mes

    Kyrie (The Phenomenon)

  7. rocco cicoria

    rocco cicoria

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    Luka is the boss. Irving is too individualistic; when you get 40 points and the team loses it's not good. You have to get the ball rolling, get everyone involved.

  8. Daafeli


    Hace un mes

    Did he just say "the best shooter in the league, joe harris"???????

  9. Marcio Pereira

    Marcio Pereira

    Hace un mes

    Luka mvp.

  10. M N

    M N

    Hace un mes

    Durant is history! Luka is great!

  11. darko galic

    darko galic

    Hace un mes

    Commentator is clearly on Dallas side and don't hide it lol

  12. noureddine aitmoussa

    noureddine aitmoussa

    Hace un mes

    extra speed . i prefer 15 min videos

  13. 喔∴箞喔笝 喔勦福喔编笟

    喔∴箞喔笝 喔勦福喔编笟

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    Nets need Harden.

  14. bocah tolol

    bocah tolol

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  15. Pinar Ozge

    Pinar Ozge

    Hace un mes

    KD looks like a skinny grasshopper, I hope he doesn't get injured again. Kyrie played much better than KD. Luka is special as usual. I hope to see these two teams in the playoffs.

  16. Henry Alforque

    Henry Alforque

    Hace un mes

    they dont play like a team,ball hoggers

  17. Corrado King

    Corrado King

    Hace un mes

    is this 20fps?

  18. Jon Dave

    Jon Dave

    Hace un mes

    Internet plot

  19. Jon Dave

    Jon Dave

    Hace un mes

    Tmobile notulfo

  20. Mark V

    Mark V

    Hace un mes

    4.39-Dirk Nowitsky)

  21. ggg hhh

    ggg hhh

    Hace un mes

    Imagine dirk and doncic playing together hahaha.. it would be over for the league

  22. Zwei


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    鑰佸瑾偅鍊嬬眱缍茶儗铏1铏燂紝闃插畧鏄笉鏄湁榛炲晱椤 ?

  23. MC Lim

    MC Lim

    Hace un mes

    LUKA have show us why he can beat PG and kawhi, now he also can beat KD and KY

  24. Ridjal young

    Ridjal young

    Hace un mes

    No harden no party

  25. Solid Moon

    Solid Moon

    Hace un mes

    Is it just me or the commentator is rooting for the Mavericks on every bucket? It felt weird and unprofessional.

  26. Andrius Virbickas

    Andrius Virbickas

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  27. Buhok yan!

    Buhok yan!

    Hace un mes

    Is this Luka vs All Star?

  28. Tine Mu拧i膷

    Tine Mu拧i膷

    Hace un mes

    13s left... wasnt that a backcourt violation by kyrie?



    Hace un mes

    Very nice game(*^^*)馃幎

  30. Nonsense


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    Feels bad for durant

  31. Ped&CJ tv

    Ped&CJ tv

    Hace un mes

    dispose unicorn

  32. Sir SooS

    Sir SooS

    Hace un mes

    Honestly? i just don't want the Nets to win. It's such a broken team, whhen fully healthy.

  33. Ade Chandra

    Ade Chandra

    Hace un mes

    Nets no Harden, no party

  34. biggy biggy

    biggy biggy

    Hace un mes

    Joe Harris is the #1 3pt shooter in the league?!!!!! Stupid commentator.馃槀 dame is way more better than him fyi and yet dame is just no.10 in the league. And Curry is way way way more better than dame! And this ceingy commentator keeps on insisting that Harris is the no.1 3pt shooter in NBA? SMH.

  35. jackk


    Hace un mes

    Sportmanship after the game no matter win or lose Kyrie always have u Unlike Lebron he just disappear or walking aways immedialye if his team lose

  36. Michael Onwuamaegbu

    Michael Onwuamaegbu

    Hace un mes

    鈥淭he number one three point shooter in the league joe harris鈥... who the

  37. Tyrese Evans

    Tyrese Evans

    Hace un mes

    Who is that on the mavs bench acting like he on the court 馃槀馃槀

  38. Adan Alvarado

    Adan Alvarado

    Hace un mes

    8:19 basically sums it up

  39. Warren Designs

    Warren Designs

    Hace un mes

    I wonder what will Kyrie will say.... about looking to see someone take the final shot

  40. Khamadi


    Hace un mes

    Kyrie goes for 45 & The Nets still lose. Shouldn't happen.



    Hace un mes


  42. Analyn Flores

    Analyn Flores

    Hace un mes

    9:31 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煒

  43. Antonio


    Hace un mes

    袧懈泻懈褌邪 胁械褉薪懈 1080p 泻邪褔械褋褌胁芯, 锌芯卸邪谢褍泄褋褌邪)

  44. axenicely


    Hace un mes

    Is the play-by-play being broadcast over the public address system?

  45. Arnaud Nirin

    Arnaud Nirin

    Hace un mes

    Man I know players are human but seeing Kyrie miss this layup at the end smthg wrong choked

  46. Heb59


    Hace un mes

    Kyrie is the reason why Nets are losing. He is too ball dominant. With his selfish butt the team can't get into a rythym offensively and it impacts them defensively. When a team has offensive rythm the ball swings at least 3 to 4 times befoe a shot attempt because the team is working together to hunt for the best scoring opportunity. Luka and Nash are both ball dominant too but difference between them and Kyrie is that they are 50% score first and 50% assist. While Kyrie is 99% percent score first and 1% assist.

  47. ilija andabak

    ilija andabak

    Hace un mes

    This commentator has so fucking ugly voice, my ears are hurted, because of his disgusting high-pitched voice. He can not be commentntator.

  48. Herchelle Jacobs

    Herchelle Jacobs

    Hace un mes

    Kyrie airball a layup lmao

  49. Prime Specks

    Prime Specks

    Hace un mes

    Mans called joe Haris the best 3pt shooter

  50. brage veeldee

    brage veeldee

    Hace un mes

    ...i am not sure that Dallas will play better with KP on the court. His game seems somewhat fragile and he keeps getting pushed into mid range shots. On the other side when Harden is back BN will play differently.

  51. Frank Einstein

    Frank Einstein

    Hace un mes

    Love Irving麓s style , he has all the fancy moves

  52. Pacis Ndahiro

    Pacis Ndahiro

    Hace un mes

    The Nets definitely miss Harden

  53. Kwesi Enchill

    Kwesi Enchill

    Hace un mes

    How can d best finisher at d rim ever airball a layup during crunch time.Just wondering馃馃

  54. New Normal

    New Normal

    Hace un mes

    Thanks Nets! This will put Mavs above Lakers. So it's buried LAL in the bottom...Great win Mavs!

  55. carlos pez

    carlos pez

    Hace un mes

    Bravo Luka majstore馃挭 Bravo Dalas super game! 馃憦

  56. Jo啪e 膶udeen

    Jo啪e 膶udeen

    Hace un mes

    Damn that Nets roster is stacked with superstars

  57. Alejandro Salazar

    Alejandro Salazar

    Hace un mes

    Fuck Blake Griffin hope he never wins a 馃拲

  58. HetVaiN


    Hace un mes

    Its what happens when you cant do defence 45 pts kyrie still not getting a win



    Hace un mes

    Bias commentators hahaha

  60. 氚曥榿鞛


    Hace un mes

    Great moment at the end where Doncic and Irving showed each mutual respect!

  61. Andy Gossard

    Andy Gossard

    Hace un mes

    What happened to Blake I wonder? No assertion whatsoever. But us Mavs will take it.

  62. Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy

    Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy

    Hace un mes

    I never willey c-Stein could like this . This guy was tr-ash with Gsw

  63. Massiah San

    Massiah San

    Hace un mes

    I thought the Nets were a Championship favourite? KD, Kyrie and Griffin couldn鈥檛 carry them to a W? They needed another star huh like Harden right? Nets got swept by Luka and Tim Hardaway Jr and a bunch of 鈥渘obodies鈥

  64. Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy

    Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy

    Hace un mes

    The Nets lack the kil-er instincts .

  65. Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy

    Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy

    Hace un mes

    Now u can see Curry was the reason KD was open to do his stuffs with the Gsw

  66. spoonman


    Hace un mes

    8:50 snake steps on the dirk logo and is overcome by his spirit

  67. 鏉辩湅鐪嬭タ鐪嬬湅


    Hace un mes


  68. 鏉辩湅鐪嬭タ鐪嬬湅


    Hace un mes


  69. Jayreeno


    Hace un mes

    8:18 wtf luka

  70. A C2

    A C2

    Hace un mes

    Durant gonna join the mavericks?

  71. John Jarou

    John Jarou

    Hace un mes

    Dallas Mavericks may not have the fire power of the Nets ,when they all there. but still, they won tonight.

  72. Ernest Muric

    Ernest Muric

    Hace un mes

    If the mavs ever lose a game to the lakers ever again ,I'll know the league is rigged.

  73. WALL BHR


    Hace un mes

    8:20 ! Luka's vision is different 馃幆

    • Jonah Zephir

      Jonah Zephir

      Hace un mes

      Unbelievable I didn鈥檛 notice that ridiculous pass

  74. alp kulaksizoglu

    alp kulaksizoglu

    Hace un mes

    Jalen, Dorian, Dwight, THJ we need these 4 around Luka. Their chemistry is something else.

    • Tunjung Utomo

      Tunjung Utomo

      Hace 16 d铆as

      Mark Cuban should trade KP for Jokic and they鈥檒l be a championship team

    • b m

      b m

      Hace un mes

      And Josh Green , too.

    • Gucci Ak-47

      Gucci Ak-47

      Hace un mes

      Good mix of defence and shooting, plus Luka, Jalen, and sometimes THJ are able to move the ball around effectively

  75. John Ellis

    John Ellis

    Hace un mes

    Now the mvps played and the votes over luka got it this year I don't care who you pick now hes got your guy beat maybe James harden but he was sorry in the west and the east he can't beat guiannus

  76. johnyzmielony


    Hace un mes

    Crazy Irving 馃憦馃樀

  77. jordan dk

    jordan dk

    Hace un mes

    Kyrie vs the mavs? Harden needs to comeback and get the team more involved.

  78. Ricardo Feced Iba帽ez

    Ricardo Feced Iba帽ez

    Hace un mes

    Today we watched two different teams: A 'Big three (Nets)' VS balanced team (Dallas). Kyrie Irving played very well but Nets depends a lot what Kyrie and KD do in the court (sorry for my English).

  79. andrew eden

    andrew eden

    Hace un mes

    KYRIE CARRIED THE ENTIRE TEAM. . KD still one of the best scorer in the league, but isn鈥檛 clutch anymore

  80. adelphe marco

    adelphe marco

    Hace un mes

    Impossible to guard Kyrie



    Hace un mes

    one of the most boring play from nets

  82. You're Breaking My Balls

    You're Breaking My Balls

    Hace un mes

    8:19 what a dime, oh my goodness

  83. Fernando Rios

    Fernando Rios

    Hace un mes

    q partido de miarda kyrie!!!!!! hace un pase lpm lo tenes harris abierto y nose la da , soy re fan de este jugado 11 pero asi no me gusta nada,aun sabiendo q estamos ahi de los playoff......

  84. BG Naddrian

    BG Naddrian

    Hace un mes

    Miki milane

  85. Olaf LeBoucher

    Olaf LeBoucher

    Hace un mes

    Cauley stein is so bad, how is it even possible...

  86. pappaloniet


    Hace un mes

    One fat slovenian kid > ALL

  87. Emmet Bradford

    Emmet Bradford

    Hace un mes

    My two favorite teams in the NBA to watch right now.

  88. AndresMurke ecua

    AndresMurke ecua

    Hace un mes

    All comments about luka . Amazing

    • Dana kaleb

      Dana kaleb

      Hace un mes

      Yep, even yours. Amazing!

  89. C K

    C K

    Hace un mes

    So Durant and Kyrie lost to Luka. Veterans lost to a rookie

  90. bajgy007


    Hace un mes

    Dallas was amazing, but Harden was out, when Harden will play it won t be easy for the Nets opponents

  91. J M

    J M

    Hace un mes

    Luka is special 馃檰馃徑鈥嶁檪锔

  92. Arash Ariaei

    Arash Ariaei

    Hace un mes


  93. C.R. SHIH

    C.R. SHIH

    Hace un mes

    Boring commentators

  94. 涔冧箛涔囥劌銊


    Hace un mes

    Kyrie: U wanna lose again Kevin? Kevin:Ssssure letssss lossssse no worriessssss馃悕 *i feel like at this point they just too relaxed 馃槄馃う馃従鈥嶁檪锔

  95. terrible terry

    terrible terry

    Hace un mes

    Luka was kinda bad 2half but Durant was not good either thats why mavs took this one . Also Richardson needs to go after season I rather bring hardaway back

  96. julius montabon

    julius montabon

    Hace un mes

    Trade porzingis to a more stable and healthy center

  97. Er No

    Er No

    Hace un mes

    Luka the next goat

  98. 涓缇ら妳鐗


    Hace un mes

    KI air ball LUL

  99. Eric Reid

    Eric Reid

    Hace un mes

    Nets best and most important player is harden. I don't think there's a discussion after seeing these past 3 games. Kd can score but KD is only part of the offense. Harden IS the offense

  100. Eric Reid

    Eric Reid

    Hace un mes

    Nets best and most important player is harden. I don't think there's a discussion after seeing these past 3 games. Kd can score but KD is only part of the offense. Harden IS the offense